After a Heat Wave

Santa Cruz lighthouse on a foggy morning

Praise the fog that bathes the earth,

   balm for blistered land,

   drink for redwoods,

   relief for all who labor.

From a distance you look like eiderdown.

Close up you are but wisp and gauze,

yet you sweeten each breath

a sun-wearied creature draws.

Published by

Mary Camille Thomas

Mary Camille Thomas is a native of Santa Cruz, California who considers herself lucky to have returned after living internationally and on the road. She is a librarian by profession, and her poetry has appeared in The Moving Force Journal, Porter Gulch Review, and Sisters Singing. She is currently working on a novel called What Lies Buried and a collection of poems of the spirit.

5 thoughts on “After a Heat Wave”

  1. Love how this rings sooo true right now!
    Fog IS our friend (and the redwoods’ too!)
    Thank you for paying tribute to an oft overlooked blessing.


  2. Beautiful! With the threat of fire always on my mind during these recent summers, the fog that returns after a heat wave always feels like a tender kiss from God. Thank you Mary!


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