Tug and Sigh

Datura blossoms, also known as angel's trumpet

Like the datura’s yellow trumpets

I am waiting for the breath of angels

to perfume the twilight

of this ordinary day

and play the vigil hymn

reminding me

that heaven and earth

wed long ago.

I too am married

to the unseen

sigh and scent,

filling and returning,

thus never full –

always longing,

often failing,

yet ever blessed

with heaven’s pull.

(Title from “The Silence Now” by May Sarton)

Published by

Mary Camille Thomas

Mary Camille Thomas is a native of Santa Cruz, California who considers herself lucky to have returned after living internationally and on the road. She is a librarian by profession, and her poetry has appeared in The Moving Force Journal, Porter Gulch Review, and Sisters Singing. She is currently working on a novel called What Lies Buried and a collection of poems of the spirit.

10 thoughts on “Tug and Sigh”

  1. “blessed with heaven’s pull”——-so much gratitude for Grace here—and such a beautifully worded poem of praise…
    Thank you for another chance to see life’s beauty through your eyes.


  2. Beautiful, Mary.

    Johanna Courtleigh, MA, LPC
    Licensed Professional Counselor
    (503) 473-7787

    “If you knew how beautiful you are, you would fall at your own feet.”
    Byron Katie

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  3. Mary, I love your blurb “ In a crazy, consumer culture that is busy bombarding us with demands and desires, how do we touch the peace that reigns in the cave of every heart?” It’s so rich. I enjoyed this poem—-the word choice and rhythm appeal to the mind and the ear.


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